What is ElectronForConstruct

ElectronForConstruct (efc) is a command-line tool to help you develop your game using the Electron framework instead of NW.js (that is provided by default with any Construct version)
It appears that Electron itself, while doing the same job as NW.js, do it better, faster and safer.
Here is a reference comparing Electron and NW.js

How does it works ?

Under the hood, efc use a predefined template of a minimal Electron app that works with Construct 2 and 3.
The cli, just use your electron project and use it with the template according to your configuration allowing you to easily manage, preview or build your projects and more!

Why ?

For fun.
I saw too many people complaining about slow updates, small amount of features or bugs with NW.js. I love Electron, so I took the opportunity to help people.
An other reason I chosed to make this is that Construct 3 doesn't give you the ability to preview your game using using NW.js. With efc you can preview your game from C3 within Electron.